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Upon Completion Of this Course on Oracle 12c ASM Administration you will have good understanding on:

  • Administer ASM files, directories, templates, and disk groups.
  • Manage and administer Oracle Cluster File System and its components.
  • Understanding of Flex ASM

Oracle ASM Overview

  • Overview of ASM
  • ASM Placement in Storage Stack
  • ASM Cluster Configuration for Oracle RAC
  • ASM System Privileges
  • ASM OS Groups and Role Separation
  • ASM Components
  • Software
  • Configure disks as ASM candidate disks

Oracle ASM Instance Administration

  • ASM Instance Administration
  • Instance Parameters
  • Adjusting ASM Instance Parameters in SPFILEs
  • Instance Startup and Shutdown
  • Relevant V$Views

Flex ASM

  • Flex ASM Architecture
  • Background and Overview
  • ASM Deployment Alternatives
  • Configuring Flex ASM
  • Managing Flex ASM
  • Relocating an ASM Client

Administering ASM Disk Groups

  • ASM Disk Group Overview
  • Disk Group Attributes
  • Compatibility Attributes
  • Disk Group Management
  • Disk Group Metadata
  • Viewing Connected Clients
  • Disk Group Rebalance
  • ASM Fast Mirror Resync

Administering ASM Files, Directories, and Templates

  • Interaction Between Database Instances and ASM
  • Accessing ASM Files
  • Fully Qualified ASM File Names
  • ASM File Creation
  • View ASM Aliases, Files, and Directories
  • ASM Directories Overview
  • Managing ASM Directories
  • Managing Alias File Names

Administering ASM  Cluster File System

  • Overview of Oracle ACFS
  • Oracle ASM Dynamic Volume Manager
  • Oracle ACFS Integration with Oracle ASM
  • Oracle ACFS Administration
  • Clusterware Resources and ACFS Administration
  • ACFS and Dismount or Shutdown Operations

Duration of the course : 30 hrs

Please note :

  • This is the approximate duration .We love more discussion with students and  depending on the interaction , the duration may increase
  • This is the time for the class delivery . Please reserve more  time for your practice

Course Prerequisite

  • Good Understanding Oracle Database Architecture
  • Good Understanding on Oracle Backup & Recovery
  • Good Understanding on Linux OS and Commands

Recommended Prerequisite Courses

  • Oracle 12c Database Administration
  • Oracle 12c RMAN
  • Linux Operating System For DBAs

This Training is an instructor led training . Along with training we will give the following study materials ,which are provided via our elearning portal

  •  Video Tutorials
  • Student guide
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • We provide individual lab servers for our students .
  • They students can access the lab for 2 months even after completion of the class
  • We also help students in setting up their laptop / desktop for study purpose
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