By completing this course on ” Installing Oracle 12c on Linux Using VirtualBox ” You will learn the following


  • Download All the required software for .Installing Oracle 12c on Linux Using VirtualBox
  • Installation of VirtualBox and all the other required Softewares
  • Creating Virtual Machine
  • Configuring the network on Virtual Machine
  • Installation of Linux 6.5 on Virtual Machine
  • Configure Linux Operating System for Oracle 12c RDBMS Software Installation
  • Copy RDBMS Software to Linux Machine using Winscp
  • Installation of RDBMS Software
  • Verification of RDBMS Software Installation
  • Creating Listener using Netmgr and netca
  • Creation of Database using DBCA
  • Connecting to the database

The following are the per-requisites for this course

  • Basic Understanding Of Linux OS
  • Basic Understanding of Oracle Database Architecture

Course Materials

  • Video Tutorial
  • Class Notes


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