How to drop database using RMAN

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Drop Database Using RMAN

There are multiple ways to drop the database . One of the common method is by using ‘SQLPLUS ‘ .The other method is using ‘RMAN’ . In this article we will discuss how to drop database using RMAN


Use the ‘drop database’ command to drop database usingĀ  RMAN . Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Set the Operating System Variables to connect to database.
  2. From RMAN prompt connect to database . Please note this command should be executed only from ‘Mount’ stage. So if the database is up and running , please shutdown before proceeding to next step
  3. Execute the following steps in the order to drop database using RMAN
RMAN > Connect  target /

RMAN > startup mount exclusive

RMAN >  Drop database;


Make sure if all the files ( datafiles , controlfiles and online redo logs ) related to this database is removed

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