Restore spfile from controlfile autobackup using RMAN

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Restore spfile rman method

The following are the common reasons for the corruption or loss of the spfile

  • Accidental deletion
  • Editing spfile using text editors

We can restore the spfile  in two methods

  1. Manually recreating the spfile, as discussed in this document
  2. Restore spfile rman method ( We should have a valid RMAN backup of the controlfile  for this method)


While using RMAN method to restore spfile , we have two options

  • Using controlfile autobackup , if controlfile autobackup is enabled
  • From the backup piece or backupset , which contains the controlfile backup , if  controlfile autobackup is unavailable

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Restore Spfile with controlfile autobackup

Use the following RMAN steps to restore spfile when controlfile auto backup is available

Please note : Whenever RMAN backup the controlfile  , the spfile is automatically   backed up along with controlfile

The control is automatically backed up in the following situations

  • When the full back is taken place
  • When the system datafile is backed up
  • On all backup commands , if the controlfile auto backup is enabled

Finding Controlfile Autobackup Status

RMAN ‘Show all’ command will tell us if controlfile autobackup is enabled.

RMAN > show all;

If the controlfile autobackup is enabled , we will be getting a message similar to the below

RMAN > configure controlfile autobackup on;

By default controlfile autobackup will be created in “Autobackp” folder in flash recovery area. If you want to store the autobackup in another location use the below command


The above command will change the controlfile autobackup location to ‘/backup’ folder.

Next steps assumes that controlfile autobackup is enabled and autobackups are available

More Reading

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1)Find out the latest backup of spfile:

 Issue the following commands to  find the latest backup of the spfile:

RMAN > connect target /
RMAN > list backup of spfile;

2)Startup a temporary Instance :

For  RMAN to work at the minimum instance should be running . We can create a temporary instance for this purpose.  To start the temporary instance , create a pfile , start the instance in nomount stage .

3)Restore the spfile from autobackup :

Issue the following command to restore the spfile to default location ie $ORACLE_HOME/dbs in Linux/Unix

RMAN> restore spfile from autobackup;

To restore the spfile to temporary location issue the following command

RMAN> restore spfile to '/tmp/spfilemydb.ora'  from autobackup

Imp :  We will discuss more on RMAN steps to restore the spfile from backup piece   in another document

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Hope this helps ..

Happy Learning  🙂

Wysheid Team

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